Tinytag ULTRA 2 

Cost-effective, splash-proof data logger, ideal for measuring and recording temperature and relative humidity in rooms. 


Typical applications: Office and home surveillancePharmaceutical productiondry storage of foodstuffsMuseum and Repositoryincubators and drying ovens. 


Tinytag PLUS 2
A versatile, waterproof and robust data logger for recording temperature and relative humidity. Some Tinytag Plus 2 can also be equipped with external sensors (NTC, Pt100 or Pt1000). The TGP-4810 is a power logger. 


Typical applications: Environmental monitoringFood processing and storagePharmaceutical productionlogistics monitoringMuseums and art galleries and outdoor applications (IP68) 

Tinytag TALK 2
Compact and inexpensive in a film box, for recording the temperature, volt or mA, a popular type (TK-4023) is equipped with an external button sensor (cable length: 60 cm). Ideal for surface temperatures and measuring points that are very difficult to access. 


Typical applications: Construction condition monitoring, pipe temperatures, air conditioning validation, pharmaceutical storage, dry food storage, museum and repository. 


Tinytag VIEW 2
For recording temperatures and relative humidity with a display for additional visual control, mainly used in museums and display cases, some can be equipped with external sensors (NTC,Pt100, Pt1000 or temperature and relative humidity combination sensor). 


Typical applications: Refrigeration units and refrigerators, construction condition monitoring, environmental monitoring, Pharmaceutical storage, furnace testing, Cryogenic applications
and defrost curves.


Tinytag AQUATIC 2 / waterproof up to 500m 

Designed for recording the temperature in rivers, lakes or the sea, can be used up to a depth of 500m over a longer period of time. 


Typical applications: Environmental monitoring, fishing, aquaculture, "river, lake & sea temperatures" and food processing. 

Tinytag SPLASH 2 / waterproof and measures up to 105°C 

For high temperature recording in laundry disinfectors, washing machines and other harsh environments. 


Typical applications: Dishwashers, food processing and pasteurization. 


Tinytag CO2 / up to 5000 ppm 

The Tinytag CO2 data loggers make it easy to check whether the ventilation and air conditioning systems are functioning as desired. Tinytag CO2 data loggers are often used to measure carbon dioxide at the workplace. 


Typical applications: Room ventilation systems and air quality in buildings. 


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Tinytag Transit 

Compact and cost-effective data logger for recording the temperature,
ideal for transport monitoring or measurement in tight spaces. 


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Tinytag Dry Shipper 

Special data loggers with integrated PT1000 sensor (252 mm length, 3 mm diameter) for use in a variety of cryogenic containers.
It can be easily attached to the lid of the nitrogen bottle and the probe can be inserted into the container through an insulating plug. 


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Tinytag Instrumentation 

Analog signals must also be recorded: Volt, millivolt, current, pulses count,
Can be used with a wide range of sensors. User defines scaling possible on request. 


Tinytag Ultra Radio 

The loggers are very suitable for discreet surveillance in buildings such as offices, museums, schools, warehouses and galleries that require a number of monitoring points.
Data is transmitted back to a central receiver via radio and can be
can be monitored with a computer.  


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Tinytag Energie Logger 

The energy logger monitors the voltage and current and calculates the
Energy consumption. Peak and average values are recorded.  


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Tinytag LAN-Logger 

The Tinytag LAN logger system uses the network to send information from loggers to a central receiver. This without the inconvenience of manual downloading, labor costs and time delays. 


Tinytag Hand-held 

A handheld meter and data logger in one, for measurement and recording
temperature and relative humidity.  

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Tinytag Plus Radio 

Tinytag Plus wireless loggers are robust, weatherproof devices for monitoring in outdoor, industrial and storage areas. Data is sent from the logger to the receiver via wireless communication. Plus wireless loggers are part of a system that requires a receiver connected to a computer or LAN.  

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Tinytag Probes 

The Tinytag sensors to the various data loggers.  


Tinytag Software und Kabel 

The Tinytag Explorer software is required for programming and reading all Tinytag data loggers!
The software can be installed and used on several PCs.  


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