We develop Windows applications (21 CRF Part 11, for MAC on request) for the acquisition, management, evaluation and automatic protocols of measurement data. 

Modern measurement data acquisition is more than just storing data lists.
Depending on the application, you would like to prepare your data graphically, integrate it into other applications, receive limit value warnings by e-mail or SMS or view the data worldwide on the Internet. 


We also develop applications for third-party products! 


Programming is usually done with Windows Forms, Windows Services and Web applications. 




Current software development projects 

Tinytag data logger software (21 CRF Part 11)
TINYTAG data loggers from Gemini Dataloggers Ltd. are widely used. Also in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Until now, no validatable Windows software was available. In cooperation with Gemini Dataloggers, MESSmatik will develop GMP-compatible software and also prepare the IQ and OQ papers (German / English). The software meets the current standards. 


Software Release: End of February 2020  

MDA-NET Software (21 CRF Part 11)
The monitoring system MDA-NET is already successfully used by various customers for the measurement data acquisition, alarming and control of their sytems. This was also validated according to GAMP 5 and also fulfils the GAMP 6 standard.
However, the requirements have grown. In cooperation with large chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the software is continuously expanded and optimized. 

New in the update are functions such as:
- LDAP login (domain user)
- Individual user rights for domain users
- Language (D/E) can be defined for each user
- Data acquisition, alarming and logging as Windows services
- Counting of limit value violation peaks and duration of peaks incl. alarming 


Software Release: April 2020  

Exposure simulation Data acquisition and control SUNTEST
The SUNTEST exposure units continuously transmit measurement data that must be recorded and logged in a protected manner.
The measurement software LUMITEST was developed and validated according to URS (user requirements) of Novartis in Basel.
In case of overtemperatures, the tests are aborted and a protected PDF protocol is automatically generated. Users with the appropriate rights can then continue with the test to reach the full exposure time.
Once the exposure test has been successfully completed, final protocols are generated. 

Completed software development projects 

Light measuring system MovingSensors
As a result of energy-saving measures, traffic and personal safety, more and more lighting systems have to be tested and measured.
In cooperation with the companies GeoIdee in Zurich and KSL Ingenieure in Frick a mobile light measuring system was developed.
It measures and records 5-axis light data, compass data and very precise GPS coordinates in short measurement intervals. In addition, two video cameras are in use which store images for each data record, so that the customers not only receive the measurement data but also image data for the analysis of the lighting conditions of the measured areas.
The MovingSensors measuring system has already been used successfully on sports fields and at Zurich Airport.  

Optimising comfort for train passengers - SBB pressure test kit
In order to optimize the overpressure compensation system in trains, we were commissioned by the Swiss Federal Railways to develop a fast pressure measurement system.
This system measures and stores pressure (eight sensors), temperature, relative humidity and wheel speed (train speed) values at a sampling rate of 10 kHz.
In the back and front of the train, network cameras are mounted to determine why (tunnel or oncoming train) an overpressure was created.
During the data analysis, the software shows the measurement curve and images of the two videos synchronously.
The measuring system is compact, works autonomously and is powered by a UPS.