Full service of MESSmatik AG includes: 


- Individual counselling for efficient definition of requirements 

- Installation/distribution of data loggers 

- Continuous recording of climatic conditions
- Evaluation and analysis of recorded data
- Creation of all standard-compliant documents including traceable certificates 

Example of temperature mapping: 

Mappings of Chambers, Cabinets and Storage Rooms 


Do you produce, store or transport temperature-sensitive goods? 


In the worst case, errors in the climatic environmental conditions can cause cost-intensive damage to the product and its image. Such cases must be prevented under all circumstances. If incorrect measured values are nevertheless identified, immediate action must be taken. The implementation of mappings is the indispensable basis for ensuring your product and process quality, identifying sources of error and complying with the required standards. No matter whether it is a mapping of your warehouse, container, refrigerator, truck or your shipping boxes - we offer you tailor-made, standard-compliant solutions.